While plans haven’t been set in stone, The Wrestling Observer is reporting there is a lot of discussion between WWE and the USA Network regarding the possibility of Smackdown going live in 2016. WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler had mentioned at a recent New York Comic Con that Smackdown could be going live once it was on the WWE Network.

The USA Network and WWE have been also discussing the possibility of Smackdown moving to Tuesday nights and going live. One of the ideas being tossed back and forth is making the first USA Network airing of Smackdown be a live special.

If USA Network is doubling down on WWE for 2016 and beyond. Having WWE on Monday and Tuesday night is a great one-two punch for WWE and for USA Network. Smackdown has been shot on Tuesdays and aired on Thursdays for several years. WWE taking Smackdown live shouldn’t be that complicated.

The only concern would be increased travel costs for the talent. An 8 o’clock time slot on Tuesdays of Smackdown is a position for the show to shine, and it makes the most financial sense for WWE from a business standpoint.

Clearly, WWE has big plans to bring Smackdown out of the show has been in for years. This could be a fresh start, and a live WWE Network presentation of Smackdown is an excellent way to bring it back to primetime.


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