At the peak of his run a few years ago, Daniel Bryan achieved a popularity with the WWE Universe that hadn’t been seen in decades. Although his run wasn’t long, it is hard to argue against him being honored someday and becoming a WWE Hall of Famer.

However, being chosen to join the elite and celebrated list of WWE Superstars is only the first part of an induction. Who will induct him into WWE immortality is part two.

Recently, SmackDown’s General Manager revealed who he’d like to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame if that ever becomes a reality and he’s chosen two logic men to do it.

You can watch the full interview right here. Below is what Bryan had to say:

Who he would want to induct him into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“William Regal. He’s been my mentor since I was 19-years-old, he has helped me more than just about anybody. So him, and my second choice would be Kane. Kane and I are close and if it wasn’t for my tag team with Kane than I would have never gotten that Wrestlemania moment because that’s what really endeared me to the fans was Kane and my interaction.”

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Does Daniel Bryan deserve to be a WWE Hall of Famer?


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