After weeks and weeks of anticipation, Brock Lesnar stepped back into The Octagon to face Mark Hunt at UFC 200. The anticipation for the fight was huge for wrestling fans because there was a lot riding on Brock’s fight.

However, the hype for the fight may have been too much. Hunt vs. Lesnar ended up being a fight with high expectations since one fighter was a stand-up brawler and the other hadn’t fought in UFC for five years.

Ultimately, the fight will be considered a disappointment because the action was lacking and aside from some takedowns by Lesnar, the fight was most uneventful.

After three rounds of Lesnar dominance, WWE’s Beast defeated Mark Hunt by a unanimous decision. The question now is if Brock Lesnar is done with UFC after regaining some glory in UFC or if this is the beginning.

Since the news broke that WWE was allowing Brock Lesnar to fight in UFC, it was always sold as a one-time event. Was that to sell UFC 200 or was it the truth.

It’s very unlikely that when Brock Lesnar returns to WWE at “Summerslam” that he’ll be losing to Randy Orton, after his performance at UFC 200, but he may be back in UFC. That is to be continued.

Do you think Brock Lesnar should continue to fight in UFC?


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