The WWE Draft saw the end of The Club, The Wyatt Family, and The Social Outcasts. The latter stable did a great job of getting Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, and Heath Slater on WWE TV on a much more regular basis.

It’s unfortunate that the trio was essentially used to a comedy act and as stepping stones for other WWE stables and superstars because there was some potential in the group to be a strong team.

That’s irrelevant now because WWE has made the decision to draft Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to Raw while Heath Slater remains the only WWE superstar on the WWE Draft list not to be drafted.

Being the only person still undrafted by Raw and SmackDown may be a good thing for Slater because that is a potential storyline that WWE is planning to run with in the future.

According to a report from, Heath Slater is now a “free agent” and can appear on Raw or SmackDown depending on how WWE books him.

It is also believed that WWE’s ties with EVOLVE will allow Slater to appear during their events and other indy promotions to continue the “free agent” storyline that WWE is developing, which sounds like a lot of fun.

Do you think Heath Slater remaining undrafted is a fun idea for a storyline?


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