When Roman Reigns was suspended, it shocked the WWE Universe because it’s a rare thing for the top guy in the company to fall to a Wellness Policy violation like that.

More news has come out of the suspension, including Vince McMahon wanted to sweep the entire issue under the rug and much more. However, it’s finally known what Reigns violation was for and why he was suspended.

According to a report from RingSideNews.com, what caused Roman’s suspension was an amphetamine was detected in his system, which he has admitted to in his statement after the suspension went public.

Under WWE’s Wellness Policy, which is obviously a violation as you can read from the excerpt below of WWE’s policy:

“B. Stimulants

The non-medical use of amphetamine, methamphetamine, Ecstasy {MDMA}, Eve (MDEA), MDA, PMA, Phentermine and other amphetamine derivaties and related compounds is prohibited.”

As you’re aware, Seth Rollins specifically addressed Roman Reigns’ suspension on Raw. As of now, Reigns is still a part of the triple threat match at “Battleground” for the WWE Championship, but it’s very unlikely that he is going to regain the WWE title from Dean Ambrose.

Do you think it is fair for Roman Reigns to remain in the triple threat match at Battleground?


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