Stone Cold Steve Austin made his return to WWE programming during the last segment of Monday’s “Raw Reunion” show. The ring was featured with legends and greats of the past, but the WWE Universe was left disappointed by the segment for one big reason.

Since Kevin Owens began using the “Stone Cold Stunner” as a finisher, a lot of fans were under the impression that Austin and Owens would deliver dueling Stunners in the ring together. Obviously, that’s not the vibe that WWE officials were trying to create for the final segment of show. However, there could be a reason why Austin didn’t get physical.

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According to Wrestling Observer, many of the returning legends and stars in the ring at the end of Raw weren’t medically cleared to do anything physical. The idea is that with WWE officials trying to make the segment fun and lack of stars that could take a bump, the decision was made for Stone Cold to make a speech rather than deliver Stunners.

Unfortunately, that made the ending of Raw Reunion feel off to a lot of fans because the passionate speech isn’t very “Stone Cold.” It would have been easy to have a heel come out to interrupt the legends and lay him out with a Stunner to give the fans a moment.

Generally, the segment was likely aiming to make the show about all of WWE’s legends in attendance rather than create another “Stone Cold moment.” That’s understandable and something that the WWE Universe should appreciate, especially when you consider that Kevin Owens has been and will continue to use the Stunner on WWE television.

Do you think Stone Cold Steve Austin needs a frequent role on WWE TV?


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