At “Payback”, Cesaro will challenge The Miz for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. It’s a good match and a solid feud for both men, but it’s been Cesaro that has erupted back onto WWE television since Wrestlemania 32.

However, Cesaro hasn’t struggled to get midcard championship matches during his WWE tenure, but he’s certainly had a lot of issues winning them because for whatever reason Vince McMahon thought The Swiss Superman was missing a connect with the WWE Universe. Well, a lot has changed recently for Cesaro.

According to, Vince McMahon is said to be behind Cesaro now because he realized that his work in the ring is what the fans like about him, and he’s got a unique connection with the WWE Universe. The popularity of the “Cesaro Section” has really caught his attention and changed his mind.

While Cesaro was injured over the last several months, there were many backstage campaigning for him to receive a bigger face role and a bigger push once he returned. It seems that his push is a go as of now.

The King of Swing’s new look with the tear-away suit and shades is part of his new push that is designed to be playing off the character he did in the independent scene.

The expectation is that Cesaro will win the IC title at “Payback”, but there are others that want Miz’s reign to continue and for the angle to build for several months.

It’s possible that WWE set up The Miz’s title reign to push a face vs. heel dynamic to catapult Cesaro as a top face through 2016, but there are many WWE officials that want to see Miz receive a bigger push this year as well.

Do you think Cesaro should win the Intercontinental Championship at “Payback?”


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