The Viper is due back to the ring sooner rather than later. Although it’s unlikely he’ll be able to make “Money in the Bank” in less than three weeks, there is still the seventh spot in the Ladder match for the MITB briefcase.

No matter what happens with that, Randy Orton will be back before “Summerslam” and his presence is not only going to make a fantastic difference in the depth of the roster, but it’ll make an impact in the locker room.

The only question is if that impact will be positive or negative. Recently, former WWE personality Brad Maddox recently appeared on the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast and revealed some disparaging things about working with Randy Orton backstage.

You can listen to the full podcast episode with Brad Maddox right here. Below is what he specifically had to say about some incidents with Orton:

“Randy Orton would get angry at something in a match. I remember a few instances when I was a referee, so I was in Gorilla Position a lot of the time. There were a few times he would say things or threaten other guys, like right there in Gorilla, and I would be standing there with my eyes wide open. I couldn’t believe that he was saying that stuff in front of the producers and in the exact same room as Vince McMahon. I was kind of amazed by that.”


Do you think it’s true that Randy Orton would threaten people in front of WWE officials and Vince McMahon?


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