First and foremost, this is just a rumor. Simply take the following with a grain of salt, because it could mean absolutely nothing.

Just before AJ Styles debuted at the “Royal Rumble”, John Cena posted a photo of him on his Instagram. It was just a teaser from the fifteen time WWE World Champion. Today, Cena posted the following on his Instagram:

If you’re not aware, that is the picture that Punk has famously used as his Twitter profile for quite a few years now, and it’s led to a lot of speculation about Punk.

It’s extremely unlikely that lightning is going to strike twice like this, but has John Cena teased the potential return of CM Punk to WWE?

Before we get too crazy, even if Punk were to make his return to WWE. He just had back surgery last week, and it’s very unlikely he’ll be wrestling a match even if he was one-hundred percent healthy.

Having said that, there have been no signs of the relationship between Punk and WWE improving, and there is still the issue of Dr. Chris Amman suing Punk for the podcast. Not to mention, Punk is still extremely focused on his UFC debut that is coming soon.

However, there is always the potential question of “what if?” Honestly, the most likely scenario if Punk ever were to return is a WWE Hall of Fame induction.

That could be what Cena is referring to, or maybe Cena is just having fun after watching Slap Shot.

Do you want to see CM Punk inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?


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