A few weeks ago, there were rumblings of Rey Mysterio potentially returning to WWE. At that time, Mysterio said the following about a return to WWE:

“At this stage of my career and my personal life, I’m enjoying it (time off),” Mysterio said. “It’s what I want to do. I wanted to spend time with my kids and my wife, and I wanted my body to heal up. So, I’m going through that right now.”

Naturally, the possibility of the former WWE World Champion returning to the company has made a lot of people curious. During an interview with Wrestle Talk TV Extra, Rey Mysterio commented further on a possible WWE return:

“Never say never, but I’m very pleased and happy where I’m at. I’m enjoying life at my fullest. Sometimes you realize that money isn’t everything. I made good money at WWE and traveled the world, and interacted with my fans, but I missed a lot of family time. That really hits me.”

“My son is 18, almost going to college. My daughter is going to be 15 next year, and she’s growing up fast. If the opportunity came, and it wasn’t too committed, why not.”

When you’ve had the career and have the name of Rey Mysterio in this industry, working the Indies is no doubt better for your family life and creates interesting opportunities like Styles vs. Mysterio this January. 

The full clip with Rey Mysterio can be seen below:



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