Daniel Bryan has been working in the tag team division since losing the WWE Title to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35. The tag team scene has gotten Erick Rowan more involved in the ring and on television while Bryan doesn’t have to work full matches.

“The Planet’s Champion” has been teasing a big announcement on WWE programming and he was absent from SmackDown Live this week. A lot of fans believe that’s WWE’s way of stalling to think of a proper angle, but there’s a reason why Bryan missed TV.

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According to report from RingSideNews, John Pollock of Post Wrestling is reporting that Daniel Bryan missed SmackDown because he’s previously allotted this week for a short vacation. Therefore, Bryan was never actually meant to be on this week’s SmackDown.

It’s being said that WWE officials do have plans for him, but they’re just waiting until he returns from vacation. It’s been rumored that Bryan could be moving to 205 Live in an attempt to boost viewership for the brand before WWE gives up on it for good. It’s also worth noting that Daniel Bryan didn’t receive his rematch for the WWE Championship.

WWE officials aren’t working to the “rematch clause” angle as frequently anymore. He’s unlikely to receive that rematch against Kofi five months after WrestleMania. However, he promised a few years back to earn back the WWE Title and Intercontinental Title. He won and defended the WWE Championship, but he hasn’t taken back the IC Title yet.

With Daniel Bryan on vacation this week, WWE officials have had a chance to fine tune the “announcement” he’s been teasing or think of something better. The expectation is that Bryan will be back on WWE programming and SmackDown Live next week.

Should WWE officials send Daniel Bryan to 205 Live?


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