WWE has a very interesting situation on their hands. This last Monday Night on Raw, Daniel Bryan officially retired from professional wrestling among the WWE Universe, the entire WWE locker room, and the woman he called the love of his life Brie Bella.

What’s interesting is next Sunday, she takes on Charlotte for the Divas Championship at “Fastlane”. WWE has the perfect storm to turn Brie Bella into a major face in the Divas division. This week, Brie did the weekly interview with Michael Cole that you can watch below:


Frankly, Daniel Bryan’s retirement has pushed the real-life of Brie Bella into the spotlight in a very different way. It’s difficult to say if she was a face or a heel in the Divas division before this past Monday, but she is without question a face now.

As the wife of the beloved Daniel Bryan, the WWE Universe is going to support her now that Bryan is officially done. Monday gave her that change in perception, and if WWE wanted to, they could capitalize on that momentum and turn Brie Bella into the top face in the division. Nikki Bella is undoubtedly a heel

Nikki Bella is undoubtedly a major heel, but she’s injured. Brie is going to have to stand alone, and that is probably the best thing that could happen to her right now. She’s going to be able to establish her own character without Nikki and capitalize on Bryan’s retirement.

Some people may question using Bryan’s retirement as a way to better another’s career, but it was just put out on front street on Monday. It would be foolish not to capitalize on the moment at hand while the iron is hot and create a new star as one is lost.

The ultimate question of this scenario is if Brie Bella wins the WWE Divas Championship next Sunday at “Fastlane”. Again, WWE has the perfect scenario because Charlotte could easily cheat her way out of that match and set up Brie Bella for Wrestlemania.

It’s been rumored that WWE is planning Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks as the Divas Championship match, but now they can just add Brie Bella to the mix and make the match a Fatal-Four way.

Depending on how the WWE Universe takes to Brie Bella over the next few months, we could definitely see her as the next WWE Divas Champion.


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