This week’s Monday Night Raw was an eye opener. Last year, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns were the main event of Wrestlemania 31 and “Fastlane” is the first time they’ll be in the same match since then. But all the spotlight wasn’t on them this week.

Instead, the spotlight was on the current Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose. Brock Lesnar has been in a lot of feuds since returning to WWE in 2012, but very few have gone about their interactions with The Beast like Ambrose did on Monday.

These characteristics are what is so interesting about Dean Ambrose as a character. Dean Ambrose is unorthodox, but he’s calculating. He’s reckless, but he’s not stupid. Ambrose is also brave, and he’s fearless.

He’s the every man of the WWE. He’s what WWE wants Roman Reigns to be in the eyes of the fans. The difference is that he doesn’t have an aura of invincibility. He can lose without it being a major issue. He can take a loss, which makes his wins more meaningful.

A lot of people are looking at “Fastlane” Triple Threat situation as a very predictable match. The obvious booking is Roman Reigns wins; Lesnar gets attacked by The Wyatt Family, and Ambrose is the one who takes the loss because he’s the only one that can afford to take it.

WWE is unlikely to change their plans of Reigns vs. Triple H for Wrestlemania, but they really should consider Dean Ambrose as an option because he’s the one that the WWE fans would support fully.

A perfect example is the “Royal Rumble”, midway through WWE decided to eliminate Reigns early to avoid him getting booed and The Game getting cheered. However, WWE knew that crowd reaction wouldn’t happen with Ambrose, so they trusted him and pulled off the angle.

The Wrestlemania crowd is going to make it very difficult for WWE to get their way and the last thing the company needs is their “top babyface” being booed out of the arena to end Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas.

WWE is choosing to mask the fact that their top face isn’t over by hiding him alongside Triple H, The Rock, and maybe even Shawn Michaels. That may get them through Wrestlemania, but that challenge will continue to be there because that’s not who the fans want.

They want someone like Dean Ambrose. Wrestlemania is wrestling Christmas. WWE should give the fans what they really want.


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