It seems like only yesterday that Seth Rollins went down with his knee injury. What’s funny is before we know it, he’ll be back in the ring.

The rumors have him returning before Summerslam and he’s no doubt going to be a game changer for WWE programming no matter what is going on in a few months.

The only issue is the question of his finishing maneuver. Since WWE banned The Curb Stomp, Rollins was using Triple H’s Pedigree as his finisher, but it really didn’t suit him and it rarely looked good.

The thing about the Pedigree is that it’s a power move. It worked for The Game because he was as technically good as he was, it was always believable for him to drive someone down to the mat for the finish. Rollins doesn’t have that ability. He’s too agile.

Rollins doesn’t have that ability. He’s too agile. That’s why The Curb Stomp worked so well for him. It always looked devastating because it targeted the head. It was quick, but it also could be performed on anyone.

However, it’s very unlikely that Rollins will continue to use The Pedigree when he returns because a lot has changed for WWE programming and The Authority may not even be around when he returns. lus he’s coming off a major knee surgery and may not want

Plus, he’s coming off a major knee surgery and may not want to use a finisher that is going to force him to land on his knees every night.

Rollins could start using the God’s Last Gift, bring back The Curb Stomp since a lot of time has passed since it was banned, or bring in something new.

What do you think Rollins should use as a finisher when he returns?


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