It has been announced that Samoa Joe will defend the NXT Championship against Finn Balor in the final match of their rivalry inside a Steel Cage. This will be NXT’s first ever cage match.

NXT’s in-ring product is typically done with technical wrestling, and there are very few gimmicks applied. To date, there have only ever been two ladder matches in the brand’s history. Because of that fact, NXT has a rare opportunity with the cage match at NXT Takeover: Revenge.

The reasoning for the match is very smart. The rivalry between Balor and Joe has become so explosive that General Manager William Regal felt that he had to put their final match within a steel cage for the safety of the audience. That’s a great way to sell the match, especially in NXT where there is no standard for cage matches.

There are also rumors going around that this will be Finn Balor’s final match in NXT. The rumor is that he could be headed for the main roster after Takeover: Revenge, which makes June 8th an even bigger opportunity.

It is my opinion that NXT should allow Balor and Joe to use blood and other extreme measures to set a new standard for cage matches in NXT. Essentially, they should be the most brutal and intense matches the brand has to offer.

An accident may have actually set up this situation perfectly. At Takeover: Dallas, their second match got slowed down significantly because of a cut to Joe’s eye. The crowd hated it. Joe was visibly upset, but it could have done a lot of good to set up this match.

What if the rules didn’t exist for an hour and Balor vs. Joe could end on a bloody cage match the way it used to be in the days of Dusty Rhodes. Together, both men won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. This could be a fitting tribute for The Dream.

The more important goal is to finish off the Balor vs. Joe feud with an exclamation mark to make it the greatest rivalry in the history of NXT. Not to mention the visuals of the match. Can you imagine Balor’s facepaint coming off and blood taking its place? That would be incredible.

Do you think Balor vs. Joe should use blood and break some of the established rules of WWE?


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