Last night during this week’s SmackDown tapings, The League of Nations officially split up when Alberto Del Rio and Rusev left Sheamus in the ring to fend for himself against the team of Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and the United States Champion Kalisto.

All this match did was verify what Alberto Del Rio said earlier this week that the League of Nations stable is breaking up and that it didn’t really gel in the first place.

During that interview with, Del Rio explained that he has another two or three years on his current WWE deal and after that he wants to “go home and rest.” So, it’s very possible that we’re seeing the last run of Alberto Del Rio’s career and it seems such a shame to waste it on a group that “doesn’t gel.”

No one has ever doubted that he is anything less than a great wrestler, but a lot of WWE fans just don’t find him interested as a character, which stops them from being sucked into his matches and attach to his character.

Honestly, a lot of that is because Del Rio is playing a very easy heel role. It’s a natural thing for him, but if WWE changed up his role a little and used this opportunity with the League of Nations break up to turn Del Rio face.

Here is a perfect example of what Alberto Del Rio could be like as a face. Jump to the six-minute mark if you just want to see Alberto El Patron:


Yes, WWE tried to give Del Rio a face turn back in 2013. It wasn’t the best face run, but a lot of that wasn’t his fault, and the “Si” chant gave him a unique connection with the WWE Universe that could have worked if things had gone a little differently.

There is a lot of potential in Del Rio as a face in WWE, especially with The League of Nations breaking up because he could feud with Rusev or Sheamus as heels.

Not to mention that Kalisto’s run as the United States Champion hasn’t panned out as many of us had hoped. If WWE wants to corner that Latino market, Del Rio is the veteran with a much better chance of being successful.

Do you want to see Alberto Del Rio turn face in WWE?


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