During this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, Mick Foley returned to WWE in a segment with Dean Ambrose.

The Hardcore Legend gave some veteran advice to The Lunatic Fringe about facing someone like Brock Lesnar when there are no rules. He also “passed the torch” to Dean by giving him the gift of “Barbie”, the infamous baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

The segment was simple, but what it really accomplished is getting Mick Foley back into the limelight of WWE just a few weeks before Wrestlemania 32.

The rumors have been flying for quite awhile about Foley getting involved with this year’s Wrestlemania, but the details haven’t exactly been clear as to what role he will have at the event.

Although there have been many rumors about what he could do, Foley has elaborated and told fans to lower their expectations and to think of his role as more of a cameo very similar to Shawn Michaels last year during Sting vs. Triple H.

If Foley is doing a backstage segment, that will be entertaining, yet disappointing after so much hype. It’s possible that he’ll be inserting himself into the Ambrose vs. Lesnar match.

However, he won’t be taking any German Suplexes from The Beast Incarnate. It could make sense in a “No Holds Barred” match for Paul Heyman to become a factor and for Foley to come down and throw the Mandible Claw on him.

It also could be very fun to see Mick Foley in a segment with Bray Wyatt.

Do you want to see Foley and Wyatt in a Wrestlemania segment?


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