At Money in the Bank, Carmella defeated Asuka to retain the SmackDown Women’s Title as the result of interference from a returning James Ellsworth. On SmackDown Live, he continued to work with The Empress of Tomorrow until Paige fired Ellsworth last week and removed him from the arena. However, that won’t be his last appearance in WWE.

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WrestlingRumors reported that Ellsworth hadn’t signed a new deal with the company, but WWE officials are planning to use him on a pay per appearance basis. According to a report from Rajah, it’s unlikely he’ll ever be signed to a long-term contract again with WWE, but he absolutely has a “unique role” and is considered an asset to the company.

Ellsworth has established a strong heel character on WWE programming, especially in a partnership with Carmella. He’s expected to be used as a heater to continue Carmella’s momentum as a top heel on SmackDown Live. With his unique schtick and microphone ability, Ellsworth could be of use to other WWE Superstars down the line on television.

Paige fires James Ellsworth: SmackDown LIVE, July 24, 2018

Honestly, a character like James Ellsworth will far better in shorter stints. His role isn’t a complex one and he rides the line of annoyance and effectiveness perfectly. That can be a great asset in the right situation and WWE officials appreciate his work. Outside of the partnership with Carmella, it could be interesting to see how the company utilizes him.

The expectation is he won’t be a part of Summerslam since it’s most likely Asuka’s first big title win on the main roster. If he does make an appearance, he could be the one to cost Carmella’s the SmackDown Women’s Title. Other than that, it’s unclear when James Ellsworth will make his next return to SmackDown Live or WWE television in general.




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