On Monday Night Raw earlier this week, Kane returned to the ring to challenge The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. Although he was unsuccessful, The Devil’s Favorite Demon has returned to WWE.

Recently, Kane spoke with Jeramie and Sam McPeek of the “Like Father, Like Son Podcast” and discussed the possibility of retirement and gave the latest update on when he intends to hang up the boots.

You can listen to the full interview right here. Below is what Kane had to say about retirement:

“Not really. It’s still fun. I have a lot of fun now with the younger guys and just being in the position that I’m in, as more of a mentor at times. I’ve also been very fortunate that I haven’t had many injuries, so my body still feels good.

I can’t say it feels as good as it did when I was 25, but it still feels good and I can still do most of the things that I used to be able to do. And I still think that I perform at a high level, even when I’m in there literally against guys that are half my age sometimes. I think they still have to keep up with me.”

Source: Wrestling-Edge.com 

Do you want to see one last great run for The Big Red Machine?


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