It’s no secret that Goldberg vs. Undertaker was a disaster in Saudi Arabia. However, The Undertaker has worked a match since then. Meanwhile, the former WCW Champion is taking the lion’s share of the blame for the entire situation due to his “recklessness.”

Goldberg has always been a stiff worker, but that’s the first time he’s completely fallen apart on a big stage like that. He still has a great deal of backstage heat with WWE and the locker room, but that’s not the real reason why he has heat with Vince McMahon.

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According to a report from RingsideNews, it was Goldberg’s “lack of empathy” about his failure that pissed off Vince McMahon and so many other people in the company. He’s been on the bad side of The Boss before, but this is a bridge burning type of situation.

That wouldn’t be a problem if the WWE Hall of Famer didn’t put in all that work on his comeback in 2016 and 2017. After all that, Goldberg’s wrestling career is ending on yet another disaster. The last one took twelve years to pass. This one might not be fixed.

There’s some speculation about “Da Man” having a match at SummerSlam in two weeks to erase the sour taste in the fans’ mouths as much as possible. From the sound of things behind the scenes, that does not seem likely with Vince McMahon still “pissed” at him.

Bill Goldberg may have another chance to wrestle outside of WWE to end on a far better note, but odds are he’s putting some distance between himself and WWE as well. There doesn’t seem to be much good news coming out of this situation for his legacy.

Are you angry at Goldberg for not sticking to his retirement after WrestleMania 33?


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