Ever since the “Cruiserweight Classic” came to an end, WWE has been pushing the Cruiserweight division on Raw to some mixed results. On one hand, the cruiserweights are getting good exposure, but the WWE Universe isn’t responding how many expected.

However, WWE has announced the debut of a cruiserweight exclusive show “205 Live” on the WWE Network and there is a good chance that the cruiserweights are going to move to SmackDown Live after “Survivor Series.”

Unfortunately, the cruiserweight roster is said to be upset about the recent changes and they aren’t pleased with the new show, according to a report from Sporskeeda.com.

Apparently, the cruiserweights aren’t happy about having to stay behind and wrestle another hour to tape the show after SmackDown, especially some of the guys that are going to be pulling double duty on both shows. The time commitment is said to be a lot.

Nothing has been reported about how the cruiserweight roster feels about potentially moving to SmackDown. However, he new show will be taped before SmackDown, so it makes sense for WWE to schedule the tapings like that even if it can be inconvenient.

(Courtesy of WWE.com)
(Courtesy of WWE.com)

Do you think the cruiserweight division will do better on SmackDown?


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