Recently, the rumor came out that Bray Wyatt was suffering from a “significant” back injury that has kept him out of action over the last few weeks.

It became noticeable when Luke Harper came into the match with Brock Lesnar at WWE “Roadblock” and Wyatt didn’t take a single bump. That put Bray’s Wrestlemania status on watch, but it seems everything will be okay after all.

According to, The Eater of Worlds returned to the ring during last night’s live event in Syracuse, New York.  working a six-man tag team match with

Bray worked in a six-man tag team match with his fellow Wyatt Family members Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman against Kane and The Usos.

It’s not revealed how much Wyatt actually worked in the match, but he’s taking the steps to get back into the ring and the back injury isn’t “that” bad.

However, Bray Wyatt is reportedly frustrated with being the odd man out of Wrestlemania when it was expected that he’d be facing Brock Lesnar at the biggest show of the year.

He’s got a point since he has been a top heel for WWE all year and although he’s not a healthy scratch, he’s still a scratch nonetheless.

Do you think Bray Wyatt should do a big promo at Wrestlemania?


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