Bray Wyatt has been in some huge matches over the past three years in WWE, but he hasn’t won any of them, and that causes a lot of WWE fans to point the finger to blame a lot of different people, but WWE officials are getting the majority of the blame.

The point is that Bray Wyatt is a WWE Superstar who hasn’t entered the WWE world title picture because he’s rarely won many big matches. In fact, Wyatt hasn’t challenged for a singles title once during his entire WWE career.

He was in a WWE title ladder match at “Money in the Bank” a few years ago, but that’s the closest he’s ever been to challenging for a title.

However, that may change soon because Bray recently told The Mirror during an interview that he has his eye set on AJ Styles and the WWE Championship. You can read the full interview right here. Below is what The Eater of Worlds had to say:

“Oh of course. And I want to preface this with I respect AJ Styles. He’s a well-traveled veteran, he’s incredible inside the squared circle. He’s impressive. That is true, no-one can deny that. But I fear no man. I only fear God. And AJ is no God.”


“So if and when we do cross paths, I see myself taking that from him, or whoever else has it at the time. My time is coming. I can just feel it in the air and I think WWE fans all around the world can just feel it in the air. My time is coming.”


Do you think Bray Wyatt deserves to be in the WWE World title picture?


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