The current SmackDown Women’s Champion has been firing on all cylinders since her “heel turn” at Summerslam. You know a wrestler is onto something special when a heel turn only makes them more popular and important. Becky Lynch has been playing her role extremely well on SmackDown, but she may have hit the metaphorical brick wall.

According to a report from Pro Wrestling Unlimited, The Lass Kicker is suffering from a cracked jaw. The belief is the injury occurred at Super Show-Down and Becky Lynch is working hurt. Her match on SmackDown Live against Charlotte Flair ended in a double count-out, which set up the upcoming Last Woman Standing Match for WWE Evolution.

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Obviously, this is the worst possible time for Lynch to suffer an injury that could force her to take some time off. If WWE officials book a title change for Evolution, the reason for it will be Becky’s health. As of this writing, there’s no update on her injury and the short-term outcome is WWE officials will keep Lynch out of the ring until the event.

For some reason, the powers that be have established a precedent that a performer gets injured and is immediately off WWE television until they are healthy to return. Lynch’s star is on the rise right now and taking even a short absence could cool her momentum significantly. As a heel, The Lass Kicker could stay on television even if she can’t wrestle.

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Until further notice, Becky Lynch is working through an injury. It’s not clear if she will need to miss time, but the injury should explain any radical title changes or an absence from her in the near future. Hopefully, this is just something Lynch can work through.

What do you think of Becky Lynch’s title run thus far?


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