Adam Rose (Ray Leppan) is a performer who could have been so much more. He demonstrated a rare ability that few wrestlers have in WWE, the ability to play multiple characters.

Leo Kruger was an interesting concept for a character but was abandoned for the Adam Rose character, one which failed to make a successful transition from NXT to the main roster. Leppan never got to show his true talent on WWE TV.

Shortly after Wrestlemania 32, Leppan’s WWE career imploded; he was suspended due to some major personal issues. However, there may be a second chance for him in the future, with a WWE return as a possibility.


According to a report from, Adam Rose is teasing a WWE return via Twitter (above). If this is true, he’d be back much sooner than anyone expected — because most people assumed he would never be back in WWE again.

A second chance doesn’t come around very often for a non-elite talent like Ray Leppan, but there could be a limited run for him in WWE again, which could give him another chance to reach his true potential.

Do you think Adam Rose deserves another chance in WWE?


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