Well that’s not good. As you might remember, Zack Ryder injured his knee on the most recent episode of SmackDown Live. Soon thereafter, Ryder was heading down to Birmingham, Alabama for knee surgery and now, we have an idea of how long Ryder is going to be on the shelf. According to Ryder via Twitter, he could be out anywhere from four to nine months, depending on which doctor you listen to.


Ryder was injured at the end of a tag team battle royal, which he won as part of the Hype Bros. The win earned the team a future Tag Team Title shot against the Wyatt Family though there is no word on what the injury will mean for the title shot. There is also no word on what happens with Ryder’s partner Mojo Rawley.

There’s no way around a bad injury like this. It’s horrible to have someone as over as Ryder taken off TV for this long a stretch of time, especially when his new team was starting to go somewhere. Hopefully the recovery time is on the shorter end, which could easily put him back in the ring by the summer.


Were you a Hype Bros fan? Would you like to see them team up again when Ryder gets back? Let us know in the comments below.


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