It makes sense. Celebrities have a long history in wrestling and that is not the most surprising thing. Wrestling exists in its own unique world and it can be interesting to see what happens when celebrities come into the wrestling universe. WWE certainly has seen a huge list of celebrities come through its doors over the years and that very well may be continuing soon.

We are less than two weeks away from WrestleMania 37 and one of the biggest matches on the card will involve a celebrity. In this case that would be rapper Bad Bunny, who will be facing the Miz in a long awaited showdown. In addition, YouTube personality Logan Paul is scheduled to appear on an upcoming edition of SmackDown. There are a lot of celebrities either already announced for WWE or rumored to be coming and there is a reason for that.

In an interview with Bloomberg Business Sports, WWE executive Stephanie McMahon mentioned that WWE is interested in bringing in more celebrities. McMahon talked about how there is a huge audience out there who might not regularly watch WWE television but may watch if a celebrity they care about is appearing. There is no word on who WWE may be interested in bringing in.

WWE has a history with celebrities. Check out some of their time in the company:

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Opinion: This isn’t the biggest surprise and that is not a bad thing. Celebrities can play a rather nice roll in the company but it is not going to matter all that much if they pop in and then leave after a week or so. I understand that it might be all that some of them can do, but hopefully WWE can come up with a way to keep them around for a bit more of a story than a one off cameo.

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