So that’s who it is. There are very few characters in wrestling today as creative as Bray Wyatt with the Firefly Fun House. The gimmick has taken Wyatt to heights never before seen in his career and completely turned everything around after a few months. Wyatt has been running with the idea for over a year and a half now and things are still not done evolving just yet.

One of the biggest aspects to the Firefly Fun House is the Fun House itself. Wyatt spends most of his time in a special room where he is surrounded by various puppets, some of whom have appeared outside of the Fun House in cameos. They often talk with Wyatt and have personalities of his own, but now they might be ready to welcome someone new into their fold.

Friday on SmackDown, Wyatt promised that a new friend would be joining the Firefly Fun House the following week. While Wyatt did not mention any names or details, is reporting that WWE has filed a new trademark application for Wobbly Walrus. While not confirmed, this would seem to be a likely candidate for the new Fun House character. Other names in the Fun House include Huskus The Pig and Ramblin Rabbit.

The Fun House is, shall we say, different. Check out how things work around there:

Opinion: This is better than what I was expecting, as I had been expecting Alexa Bliss based on how things have been going over the last few weeks. The Fun house is something that manages to continue to keep me engaged and it has been rather fascinating seeing how the whole thing plays out over time. Wyatt is a rather creative person and this seems like something else that he would have come up with, which gets me interested.

What do you think of the Fun House? How long will it continue? Let us know in the comments below.

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