That’s one way to get it off of him. The Coronavirus has changed the way the wrestling world works and there are only so many ways that things can stay the same. By having so many changes going on in the industry, wrestling is having to try and find some new ideas to make things work out. That may include some slightly drastic measures, one of which involves a champion.

Over the last month plus, WWE ran a tournament to crown a new Interim Cruiserweight Champion. El Hijo del Fantasma won the tournament on this week’s edition of NXT, making him a very rare interim champion. The title had to be created due to Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin being stuck in the UK. However, the delay might have cost him his moniker.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE seems to have stripped Devlin of the official Cruiserweight Title. During the tournament final, the title was billed as the Cruiserweight Title, with no mention of the interim tag. The eventual plan is still to have the two face off, though there was no mention of the title being stripped. As of this writing, both Devlin and Fantasma are listed as champions on There is no word on when Devlin will be allowed to return to the United States.

Both champs are very talented. Check out their in-ring efforts:

Opinion: This is one of those ideas that doesn’t make a ton of sense as the company announced the tournament as being for the Interim Title. Why bother making such a change now? In theory it is due to Devlin not being able to make it to the United States, but how is that different than what we have been seeing for the last few months? It’s not really a necessary change, though I can see why they did it, at least in a way.

Do you like the change? Who will win the eventual showdown? Let us know in the comments below.

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