That’s certainly different. WWE has a business model that has rarely changed over the course of the last few decades. There are major television shows and pay per views with live events taking place throughout the week. These shows often include matches that are designed as practice sessions for the upcoming major shows, which offer the wrestlers both important time in the ring as well as paydays. However, that might not be the case much longer.

We are still in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic and it is not clear how long it is going to be before things are back to normal. WWE has been trying to keep things going as well as possible for a long time now but it is not clear how long that will be possible. There are going to be some things that will never be back to normal, and one of those things would mark a pretty big change.

According to Wrestling Observer Live, there is a chance that WWE may not run live events once things are back to normal. The company was already cutting back before the pandemic struck and there is no word on when fans will be allowed to return to the arenas. It is not clear how the rosters would react to this, as many lower level wrestlers would lose a lot of their income as a result.

A lot of things have happened at live events before. Check out some of the more recent moments:

Opinion: This is something that I’ll need to see to believe as WWE cutting out live events would be a major change to everything that they have done over the years. There are more benefits to running live events than just ticket sales. Ignoring all of the merchandise sales and any other income WWE could bring in from their events, there is the idea of how the shows make fans care about the company even more. That can increase the television ratings, WWE Network subscriptions, and possibly even bring in new fans (parents bringing kids, people bringing friends etc). I doubt this happens, but never say never.

Do you see WWE getting rid of live events? What is the best live event you have ever seen in person? Let us know in the comments below.

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