You can’t do it forever. The WWE Network has changed the way wrestling fans can watch wrestling in a very positive way. Over six years ago, the Network launched and instantly opened the doors to so many other wrestling fans who had not been able to afford the access that was now being granted. You can’t change that back to the old system, but you can adjust the new one.

Like so many other services, the WWE Network launched on a simple solution: get the fans hooked and they would never look back. One way to do this was an old idea that almost always worked before: give the fans a free taste to get their attention and then make them pay for the rest. It is a good idea, but the way the idea is being implemented seems to have changed.

According to, WWE is no longer offering the first month of the WWE Network for free. The service had promoted their first month for free for years, often mentioning the shows that a fan could see for free if they signed up from a certain date. This comes after a free version of the WWE Network was launched earlier this week, albeit with far less material than the full version.

There is a lot on the WWE Network. Check out what you could see on there:

Opinion: This really doesn’t change much but it makes things simpler. Rather than having a free month, fans can now see as much of the available material as they want, which is not a bad deal. If nothing else it is easier than having to make one new email address after another, so at least things might be a bit more simple. Either way, there is more wrestling to be seen and that is a good thing.

Do you like this idea? What would you like to see on the WWE Network? Let us know in the comments below.


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