The unspoken opinion. Over the last several weeks, WWE has taken several drastic steps to cut off its wrestlers from various outside third party platforms, with the primary issue being Twitch. This has not exactly gone down well with some wrestlers making their opposition to the entire situation rather well known. One wrestler made their opinion known and things did not go well. But what did the rest of the wrestlers think?

Over the weekend, WWE released Zelina Vega in a moment that probably should not have been the biggest surprise. Vega had been one of the most vocal critics against WWE’s new policy and now those criticisms, at least in part, seem to have cost Vega her job. It is unlikely that she would be the only person to feel that way, and now we know a bit more about the roster’s reaction.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE wrestlers are privately backing Vega in her issues with WWE, but only Paige has publicly offered her support. This comes after the President of the SAG-AFTRA union supported Vega, but wrestlers are unsure about saying anything publicly. The other idea is to have former Presidential candidate Andrew Yang fix things, but there is no word on how or when that might take place.

This could get tricky. Check out the kind of save that the wrestlers might be waiting for:

Opinion: This does not seem to be the most cut and dry situation, though I can see why the wrestlers are skeptical to publicly support Vega. WWE is not likely to take kindly to having its wrestlers say or do something that is going to go against what they company wants. They have already released Vega, so what would stop them from doing the same to someone else?

Are you surprised at the lack of public support? Will anyone else be released over the situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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