Round two. Wrestlemania has come and gone and now it is time for…another show with Wrestlemania in the title. Just like last year, WWE has flat out said that this is going to be the Wrestlemania fallout show, even if some of the matches have little to do with what went down in Texas. It also doesn’t help that they have changed the main event from something somewhat interesting to something almost entirely uninteresting, but maybe they can pull something out here. Let’s get to it.

Bobby Lashley vs. Omos

This is a Wrestlemania rematch (smart move) and the wild card here is MVP. Lashley beat Omos back at Wrestlemania but MVP was not involved, which is what caused MVP to turn on Lashley and join Omos. Then Lashley proceeded to beat Omos clean in arm wrestling as I try to figure out what in the world this story is supposed to be going. It’s going to a rematch here and there should be an obvious result.

In theory, this should be Omos’ big singles win and that would make the most sense. Omos has done a lot of things but he doesn’t have that big signature singles win. Beating Lashley with the help of MVP would be a good way to start and that is what we’ll say happens here. Odds are we see some kind of a rematch next month, but Omos needs this win after he lost a lot of momentum last month.

Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin

Yeah this is happening too and no I’m not entirely sure why. This is a feud that has gone on for a few weeks now and I don’t think it has had quite the impact that WWE was expecting. At the same time though, Moss has come out of Corbin’s shadow quite a bit and it isn’t like there is anything else for him to do. Corbin is also a good choice for a person to make someone new look good and maybe that is the case again here.

I’ll go with Moss winning here as there is no reason to have Corbin win. Moss isn’t likely to become the next big breakout star but he isn’t going to get anywhere if he loses his first big match after the face turn. Maybe this is the start of a nice midcard run for him, but it needs to be the end of the feud. I have no reason to believe that it will be, but that is what needs to happen here, starting with Moss winning.

AJ Styles vs. Edge

It’s another Wrestlemania rematch and another match that isn’t all that interesting. I’m still not sure if Edge is working in this role of not but he and Damian Priest seem in line for a pretty big push. That being said, there is no Priest at ringside here and even if there is, Finn Balor seems there to cancel him out. Edge won the first match so that should tell you where this is going, with the emphasis on should.

I’m going with Edge here, probably through some means of cheating. Edge and Priest haven’t been a thing for that long now and having the bigger name lose in his second match as part of the team doesn’t make sense. Styles is going to be a star if he loses the rest of the matches in his career and Edge/Priest need the win here. If you want to throw in a real curve, have Balor become the third member, as it isn’t like he has had anything going on lately. But yeah, Edge wins here, as he should.

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

Rhodes returning at WrestleMania was a great moment, but I’m not sure how much I care to see the rematch. While Rhodes’ return has gone well so far, this isn’t a match that has been well built. Granted that might be due to Rollins becoming a near parody that it is hard to take him seriously, but there is something here that isn’t getting my interest going so well. At least the match should be good though.

WWE seems all in on Rhodes at the moment though and that means it is time for him to win again here. Much like Styles, Rollins is someone who can lose on a regular basis and still be a top star so Rhodes winning here is the right call. I’m not sure how far Rhodes is going to go in WWE, but it is way too early for him to lose here so I’ll take him to get the win in his first scheduled WWE pay per view match in years.

Drew McIntyre/RKBro vs. Bloodline

I guess the idea of unifying the Tag Team Titles scared someone off (possibly USA) so this is what we’re left with as one of the show’s big matches. I’m not sure why this is something that I would want to see, but odds are it sets up something down the line. That isn’t the worst idea for a Raw main event, but it’s a very odd way to go for a pay per view headlining match.

Give me McIntyre and RKBro to win here, as the Bloodline winning doesn’t really leave us with anywhere to go. McIntyre would seem to be the next big challenger to Reigns, who seems likely to hold the title for several more months to come. Let McIntyre get a pin on Reigns so he can become the new #1 contender and we can go from there, preferably with the Tag Team Title feud coming later.

Smackdown Women’s Title: Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte

I Quit match. Remember a few years ago when Rousey debuted and it was one of the coolest things to happen in women’s wrestling in the better part of ever? Well this second run isn’t going nearly as well and that isn’t a good sign for Rousey’s future. I’m not quite sure what it is, but things aren’t working out for her here and it feels like it really doesn’t matter. Maybe that changes here, but I’m not convinced.

In what is likely the coin flip pick of the show, I’ll take Rousey to win the title. Rousey has not been interesting this go around but maybe not chasing Charlotte will do her some good. She certainly needs something and if that means winning the title and Death Staring everyone else down is what it takes, then maybe that is where they need to go. Or Charlotte wins and people groan again.

Overall Thoughts

You have to think that something else is going to be added to the card as a six match pay per view with one title on the line isn’t much to write home about. What strikes me the most is just how unimportant this show feels, as it comes off like there is almost no reason to care about what happens on the card. The good thing is that these no pressure shows have a tendency to be among WWE’s best, so hopefully the quality makes up for the lame build.

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