That’s a relief. While the worst part of an injury is of course the injury itself, the second worst part of the whole thing might be the waiting around to see how bad everything has gotten. You never know how bad someone’s injury can be and waiting around to see what is going to happen can be near torture. It happens regularly in wrestling and now we have a big update.

On Sunday night, a match between Randy Orton and AJ Styles had to be stopped due to Orton injuring his knee. There was no word on how bad things were, but it is rare for WWE to stop a match due to injury. Orton does have a history of being put on the sidelines with a variety of injuries though, and the question was how bad would this one be. Less than a day later, that question has been answered.

During this week’s Monday Night Raw, Orton came to the ring on crutches and said that he would be missing a lot of time. Styles came out to confront him and mentioned a potential WrestleMania 36 match between the two of them. After Styles kicked a crutch away from Orton, the whole thing was revealed to be a ruse, with Orton laying Styles out with an RKO. There is no word on a potential WrestleMania match, but it was at least mentioned.

Never trust the Viper. Check out Orton’s clever plan:


Opinion: I could go for something like this as they did a great job with making you think that Orton really was hurt. It’s that thinking outside of the box that makes things work a little bit better and that’s what we got here. They could have milked it a bit longer, though it’s fine that it wasn’t the case. Orton vs. Styles has been good so far and I could go for more of it, which is what we seem to be getting soon.

Did you like the angle? Where do you see it going next? Let us know in the comments below.

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