It might not be healthy, but it certainly is entertaining. We’re living in a strange time at the moment as things seem to be changing almost every minute as opposed to every day. You never know what kind of bad news is going to come next and that can be incredibly frightening. Sometimes you need something to take your mind off of things and that’s where wrestling can help, even in a strange situation like this.

There are so many different forms of wrestling that it is hard to define what is wrestling and what isn’t. Sometimes you are going to see things that are just so different from anything else that it gets your attention. In a way that could help things out a lot and hopefully that is the case at the moment, as a lot of people could certainly use a little bit of a breather at the moment.

This week, Tim Hann Rivera has released the 2020 Subway Rumble, an annual event where people dress up in wrestling costumes and stage a large match on a New York City subway. Included were fans as the Hardys, Steve Austin, the Rock, Mankind, Goldust and many more. There were weapons used as well in the entire ordeal. It should be noted that this was filmed before social distancing rules were put into place and released later.

This is one of those things that took so much effort to put together. Check out the whole event:

Opinion: I know this might be a little insane and something that a lot of people might not enjoy, but I can appreciate the amount of effort and skill that goes into something like this. It takes time and talent to make such realistic costumes and while I’m not big on having people doing moves to each other like that with no training, the effort that went into the whole thing makes it a little better.

Would you ever participate in something like this/ Which costume was best? Let us know in the comments below.

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