The company won’t be happy. Earlier this year, Ronda Rousey made history as part of the first ever women’s match to main event WrestleMania 35. Her participation wasn’t the biggest surprise in the world, as Rousey had been a major star in the UFC and one of the most important stars in the history of the company. As it turns out though, she might not have been that impressed with what she did this year.

The former champ had a lot to say. Check out part of an interview:

A new trailer has been released for an upcoming interview special with Rousey talking to UFC reporter Megan Olivi. The preview features a few questions comparing WWE and UFC, with Rousey talking about how her first UFC fight in 2013. Rousey also talks about how different the two companies are and the different kinds of work between them. There is no release date set for the full interview. Here are some highlights, with transcription courtesy of

On The Differences Between The Workloads

“Its physical in a different way. The stress is much more. I can get in a random fight and I will beat them up but the training, the press, thinking about is the real wear and tear. I can give myself a month after a fight to recover and with WWE its a non stop grind. Everyone else does it all year round and their minds get no rest. The only thing that compares to the mental strain of UFC is the Olympics.”

On A Comparison Between Her UFC Debut And WrestleMania 35

“When I first came I was planning on doing it a couple months but my one request when we first started is that I wanted to finish my storyline with Stephanie. I love Stephanie and all of the girls so much but I had to keep it a secret that I hated them. Triple H showed me how to lace up my boots. It was so fun for me. It felt big to headline WrestleMania. Me and Liz Carmouche felt bigger though. Everything felt like it had to happen that way or women’s MMA would have ended before it started.”

And On The Pressure From WWE

“I enjoy wrestling so much more, being maxed out on so much pressure. At WrestleMania it was the highest moment for Becky and Charlotte and I was just like, I love WrestleMania. I was excited to see Joan Jett performing as I am walking down that ramp. She was nodding at me, starring at me, playing Bad Reputation.”

Opinion: I’m not sure if Rousey is ever going to be back in WWE but these comments aren’t going to please the bosses all that much. Now that being said, WWE is going to accept her with open arms because she has the kind of star power that you can’t fake. That’s very valuable to the company and the second Rousey wants back in, WWE will take her back in.

Do you want Rousey back? When will she return to WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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