Tell me I didn’t just see that. “Bring it to the Table” has turned into a bit of a treat of a show as it’s become a place to talk about some of the more interesting topics around WWE. In recent weeks, Jinder Mahal has been one of the bigger stories in the company and “Bring it to the Table” had a unique way of looking at it.

On this month’s “Bring it to the Table”, WWE offered a rare look outside of WWE by airing a highlight reel of wrestling fans’ reactions to Mahal winning the title. Most of them are rather surprised by the ending, though there are clips from throughout the entire match, including the entrances.

Opinion: It’s still weird to see this kind of un-produced, raw material from WWE but that’s what makes it more interesting. Mahal winning the title was indeed a shock and it’s cool to see some fans being this surprised by the title change. WWE acknowledging that makes it even better and it’s cool hearing it discussed on a slightly less formal setting like “Bring it to the Table”.

What did you think when Mahal won the title? How long do you think he’s going to hold it? Let us know in the comments below.


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