You don’t hear that every day. AEW has not been around all that long in the wrestling world but have still made quite an impact. They have mostly dominated the Wednesday Night Wars against NXT and that is the kind of thing that was quite the surprise in some ways. The company certainly has a lot of fans and their numbers have been going up, but one of them might have topped the rest.

Wrestling tends to exist in its own little world. The people involved in wrestling do not exactly seem like people who would exist outside of a wrestling show and it can be interesting to see what happens when they go outside of that bubble. Some of the best promos and segments involve the real world and the wrestling world clashing. That happened again, and it wasn’t in a wrestling angle.

This is just great. Check out something you don’t see very often:

A video posted to Twitter shows a couple getting married with the bride reading her wedding vows. In the middle, she promises her husband that Wednesday night is for AEW and that she promises to accept all wrestling memorabilia in their house, with both of the statements earning laughter from the groom and the audience. The vows then go on with no more wrestling references.

Opinion: This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a good while as there is something nice about seeing the people getting to do what they want at their wedding. That is their day and while it might not exactly hold up years from now (though it might), this is what they wanted to say at this point and there is nothing wrong with that happening. The two of them seemed happy and that is what matters.

What is the best wrestling wedding? How would you include wrestling in a big celebration? Let us know in the comments below.

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