That’s a step forward. I know things have been a little all over the place lately and WWE’s main television shows have been little more than background noise and great promos, but there are still storylines going on. Some of these started before everything changed and they still need some kind of a payoff. While we did not get a payoff this week, we did get a big step forward.

Over the last few weeks on WWE television, the shows’ video feeds have been hacked and a circle of lights have appeared. No one seemed to notice and little has come of it so far. It is not clear who it is, but there is a theory that it might be Mustafa Ali as his glove has a similar circle on the back. This week’s SmackDown did not reveal who was behind the hacking, but we did see something.

It’s a step forward. Check out what happened to move things in a different direction:

Late in the show, Dolph Ziggler was attacking Tucker when the feed was hacked again. This time the phrase “The Truth Will Be Heard” appeared on the screen and a masked man appeared. The man said the same phrase and showed videos of Sonya Deville sending Otis a text to sabotage his date with Mandy Rose. Another video showed Deville and Ziggler being in on a scheme to mess everything up for Rose and Otis. The regular video resumed and the man’s identity was not revealed.

Opinion: I’m not sure what this is but it feels a lot like GTV from back in the late 1990s. If nothing else, it does cover up a few holes as there had been mentions of texts and misunderstandings, but now we have a lot more of the story. This seems likely to go on beyond WrestleMania, though I’m curious to see who is behind that mask. It’s an interesting twist, and that is what the story needed.

Who do you think is under the mask? How far will this story go? Let us know in the comments below.

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