Welcome back. The Coronavirus has changed a lot in the wrestling world and that is the kind of thing that no one could have really seen coming. The wrestling business, including WWE, has undergone quite a few changes in its own right and that has caused a lot of problems. One of the biggest issues has been the lack of international talent, who has been missing in action due to travel restrictions. One of those names is now back.

There are a lot of different wrestling styles in the world today and each of them can be effective in their own right. Some wrestlers like to go completely insane with their athletic displays and wow the audience with one big move after another. There are other ways to go about things though, including a more basic style where nothing is overly flashy but everything is so well done that it works very well. Someone who does the latter is back on WWE TV.

Robert Roode made his return this week on Monday Night Raw, following a six month plus absence due to Coronavirus travel restrictions. Roode had not wrestled a match since the Elimination Chamber pay per view on March 8 when he lost in the Elimination Chamber match for the Tag Team Titles. Roode answered an open challenge for the WWE Championship issued by champion Drew McIntyre but did not win the title. The return came after it was rumored last week.

Roode is quite the wrestler. Check out what WWE is getting back, both tonight and before:

Opinion: That’s certainly a big upgrade for WWE as Roode is the kind of guy who may not do a lot of flashy things but there are few who can make things look as smooth as he can. It is a different style and that makes it stand out all the more, which is a positive addition. If nothing else it’s nice to see him back as it could mean more names could return in the near future.

What do you think of Roode? What should he do now that he is back? Let us know in the comments below.


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