An NXT tradition unlike any other. Wrestling is a weird place as sometimes you just can’t figure out how things are going to go. That’s one of the things that makes it work so well. I’m sure you can probably guess the majority of what you are going to be getting that night, but every now and then you might get a curve ball thrown in and that is where things can get a lot more interesting in a hurry. You might get anything on any given night at a wrestling show, ranging from a mat classic to a hot angle to….a giant panda and an MMA fighter dressed as Darth Vader?

NXT held its annual Halloween battle royals on Thursday night in Orlando, Florida. The matches are exactly what they sound like with wrestlers dressing up in various costumes (or not in one case) and having a battle royal with very little meaning aside from comedy. The costumes have a wide range, with many names appearing as current or past wrestlers, pop culture characters or something completely different. These are different every year and that was the case again this time. Here are some photos of the event, including selections from both matches and a few clips:

Opinion: I mean, why not? This is one of those things that is clearly only there for the sake of comedy and it became a lot of fun. The wrestling wasn’t the point here and I’m sure a lot of traditionalists will hate it, but it’s once a year on a house show so how much trouble can it really be? This is something I look forward to every year because the costumes show off a lot of creativity and get to show off so many people who don’t get a ton of spotlight at times. Just don’t put it on TV or in any major spot and everything will be fine.

Which costume was the best? Who had the best moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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