It can work if you do it properly. One of the best stories of the year has been the transformation of Bray Wyatt. While he was a success before this year, his transformation into the Fiend has made him one of the best things about the current WWE roster. Wyatt has become must see TV almost every week as you never can tell what he is going to do next. That was the case again on Friday.

One of the biggest changes to Wyatt has been his physical transformation. Wyatt was once seen as overweight, to the point where Vince McMahon himself yelled at him to lose weight. Wyatt did just that, toning up in muscle and shedding weight, which has been referenced during his Firefly Fun House segments. The character of Huskus the Pig is considered a representation of this, and it was mentioned again this week.

It started here. Check out the original:

This week on SmackDown, Wyatt hosted multiple episodes of the Firefly Fun House, including a music video of Huskus singing about the Muscleman Dance, which references a previous episode where Wyatt sang a different song about the dance. This version also included Wyatt’s version of the story of Thanksgiving, which included a battle between the Muscle Men and the Reptilians.

And then the new one. Check out the second Muscle Man Dance:

Bray Wyatt’s “Muscle Man Dance” interrupts Daniel Bryan: SmackDown, Nov 29, 2019

Opinion: This is one of those things that you are only going to get from Wyatt and therefore it makes perfect sense. Wyatt has turned into one of the most unique and interesting talents of all time and this is the kind of thing that he can pull off. I’m not sure about the Reptilians deal but it wouldn’t shock me if they are brought up again at some point in the future.

Do you like Wyatt’s videos? Who will take the title from him? Let us know in the comments below.

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