Well, they had a good run. Tag team wrestling is such a mixed bag in WWE. Sometimes you’ll get a team that lights the world on fire for a little bit while other times it’s just a place to throw a bunch of people with nothing else to do for the sake of filling time. The latter gets very annoying, but if you can find a great team there are several ways you can go. One such way is to have a major split, which can come at any time. Today, WWE is looking at some of the better splits.

Maybe counseling would have worked?

Superstars attacking their tag team partners: WWE Top 10, April 23, 2018

WWE has released a new Top Ten video looking at the best tag team splits. The list only looks at moments where the split took place during a match, meaning #1 isn’t the Rockers splitting up on the Barber Shop. There are a wide variety of options on here, including several instances from WCW. Some of the moments are more modern with at least one coming this year while others date back nearly twenty years.

Opinion: I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of the Barber Shop here as that seems like way too obvious of a choice. Go with something new for a change, which is what they did here. The number one pick wasn’t great but it’s not like there’s much of anything that jumps off the page for something like this. It’s fine for a list and the high amount of WCW picks shows you swervy things were around that promotion. At least the Steiner Brothers split felt like a big deal.

What was your favorite moment on this list? What is the best split ever? Let us know in the comments below.

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