Guess who? This year could be described as the year of the Royal Rumble as we’ve had three different ones and it’s not even May. So far we’ve had 110 people involved in the Royal Rumble and while some of them were repeats, there were some that took us by surprise. That’s one of the most entertaining parts of the Royal Rumble and thankfully we’ve had a few surprises already this year. That sounds like the grounds for a new countdown.

The surprise is what works best.

Biggest Royal Rumble surprise appearances: WWE Top 10, April 28, 2018

WWE has released a new Top Ten video looking back at the greatest surprise returns in the history of the match. These are mainly more recent picks though some do go back several years. A lot of them tend to be closer to the second half of the picks and there are some comedy picks sprinkled in throughout the list. The list is mainly comprised of people making returns from long terms absences and they often receive the best reactions from the crowds.

You can check out the Greatest Royal Rumble results right here.

Opinion: Those top three are the best options they could have had with the top spot being the only choice. The second John Cena’s music hit they had Madison Square Garden in the palm of their hand and WWE knew it. If nothing else, how awesome is is that they got New York City to go insane over Cena being the big surprise? Edge was a great one as well, especially due to putting him in the twenty ninth spot instead of going for the obvious final spot. You don’t expect the big surprise to come right before the ending and that’s a smart move.

What did you think of this countdown? Was there any other option for the top spot? Let us know in the comments below.

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