Someone has to win. There are a lot of possibilities for this weekend’s Survivor Series, with NXT throwing in a big monkey wrench to the whole thing. The show is built around the idea of Brand Supremacy, but how do we get to a winner out of the three? And which show really is the best? You can argue that all over the place and WWE is certainly going to get in on the act.

WWE has a lot of resources available to it and a lot of people working for the company. That opens up a lot of doors for them that other companies just cannot reach. With so many outlets for their content, they can go in some different directions, be it live wrestling, history or analysis. That was certainly the case this weekend as WWE brought back one of its more interesting features for the sake of Survivor Series.

WWE has released a new edition of Head To Head on its YouTube page, with this episode looking at which of the three shows is best. The concept is three unseen people discuss which show is best in a back and forth argument. The video includes some analysis and humor, with each offering their best reasons why their show is the best. These episodes are released periodically with only a handful coming out every year.

You have to pick a side! Check out the rather entertaining video:

Opinion: I love it when WWE drops a bunch of their production values and talking points and just talks about wrestling like normal fans. This is the kind of discussion that you could hear from any given big time fans and that makes things a lot easier. WWE has a certain way of talking and it can be a little annoying to sit through over and over again. This is a different kind of way to talk about wrestling and that’s what we got here, which is rather nice for a change.

Which brand is best? What is your favorite of WWE’s YouTube series? Let us know in the comments below.

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