Bring on the gold. Titles are one of the easiest methods of identifying the top stars in a promotion. Any fan can figure this concept out without much effort: whoever has a big title belt is one of the biggest stars around. That isn’t hard to figure out and has worked forever. Some might say that there are too many titles in WWE today though and that number is about to grow.

On Thursday September 17, NXT UK will return after more than five months away due to the Coronavirus. The show had been getting some traction going over the previous few months and that is the kind of thing that you need time to build. With the show coming back after such a long hiatus, they needed something to get them started in a hurry and now they have a new idea.

This week on NXT UK, the NXT UK Heritage Cup was announced, with the first matches taking place on next week’s return show. The eight man tournament will be held under the British rounds system, with each match being six three minute rounds and 2/3 falls each. A round ends after a pinfall, submission or countout and a DQ or knockout will end the match immediately. Seven of the eight entrants have been announced, with the eights being announced next week. The current entrants are:

Noam Dar
Alexander Wolfe
Flash Morgan Webster
Dave Mastiff
Trent Seven
Joseph Conners

It’s quite a setup. Check out the full announcement:

Opinion: I can go with the idea of a tournament, though I’m not sure if the title needs to be a regular idea going forward. It wasn’t entirely clear if there will be an ongoing champion as a result, but it would not be a terrible idea. That being said, something like the British rounds system is certainly a unique enough system to make something like this work in a different way so I could go for something like this.

What do you think of the idea? Who will win the tournament? Let us know in the comments below.

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