The champ speaks. I don’t think there is any secret that things are not great in WWE right now. The ratings and audiences are starting to crater into the ground, with some of the worst results of all time. You can point at various things causing the issues, but one of the biggest culprits seems to be the creative. One WWE legend doesn’t seem to care for such criticisms.

The other side of the story. Check out John Cena’s thoughts on criticism of WWE creative.

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John Cena was a guest on the Chris Van Fleet Show before WrestleMania 35 and talked about criticism of the creative department. The interview took a different than usual perspective, as Cena discussed the talent not being happy with the stories they were given. Cena says that the talent’s job is to make the stories work and the creative process is at its best when the wrestlers are able to turn a story into something better. Here is an excerpt, with transcription courtesy of

I hate hearing people say ‘creative has nothing for me’ or ‘they’re not writing good things for me’. You have a small crew of writers who has to write a mass amount of segments and they churn out general stories. The best, most brilliant situation in the world is you two guys are going to have a match tonight, figure it out. Or getting something that is not good because then you can take it and go with the writer and make it your own. I’ve worked with so many people on our writing team from the head writer himself to a guy on the first day on the job. It’s up to the talent to take something that is, no offense, sh*tty, and make it good. I have never been handed a written piece of paper that I go ‘this is great’. It’s always ‘how do we turn this sh*t into something that makes sense.’ I’ve seen guys like Miz do it, guys like Seth do it, AJ when we were able to creatively bond for a while, and Bray.”

Opinion: This is one of those things where the perspective changes everything. Cena is able to say something like this, but how many other members of the roster are not granted such creative freedom? The line you constantly hear is that wrestlers need to grab the brass ring, but how many times after that have you hear about wrestlers being punished for doing just that? It isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it is something that can work if things work out.

What do you think of Cena’s comments? Is it possible for wrestlers to make bad stories work? Let us know in the comments below.

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