It’s a Whisper in the Wind, it’s a Swanton, it’s not the best idea in the world. Back in 1994, a young kid named Keith Davis got destroyed by Razor Ramon on an episode of Monday Night Raw. He would later wrestle under his real name of Jeff Hardy and things would get a little better. Now a first ballot Hall of Famer, Hardy has been around for a long time and that means a long highlight reel. Some of the entries are a little more dangerous than others.

This can’t end well.

Jeff Hardy's 10 most jaw-dropping dives

In honor of his 41st birthday, WWE has put together a video looking at Jeff Hardy’s Ten Most Jaw-Dropping Dives. The list isn’t in any particular order and features dives from Hardy’s entire WWE career. The dives come off of all sorts of objects, including trucks, ladders, the set and a cage among others. Not all of them take place in an actual match though, meaning there’s a little variety to the list.

Opinion: Hardy is going to do something very stupid in the Cell isn’t he? Actually it’s not so much inside the Cell but rather outside of it that I’m worried about. There’s something to be said for the big dives but Hardy has done so many of them over the years that it’s hard to imagine him not injuring himself very badly one day. Hopefully he tones it down in the final years of his career, though this video doesn’t give me much hope.

Which of these dives is your favorite? What did WWE leave out? Let us know in the comments below.

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