Well that escalated quickly. There are a lot of stories being told in wrestling and some of those wind up being a little bit bigger than the ring. In some cases, the stories spill out of the ring and find their way somewhere else, even if the original match wasn’t much to see. That seems to be the case here and the whole situation just happened to be caught on video.

Goldberg has posted a video to his Instagram showing himself and Dolph Ziggler nearly getting into a fight at a Las Vegas steakhouse. The two were held apart by a few people, including UFC fighter Eryk Anders holding them apart. Goldberg and Ziggler faced each other at Summerslam 2019, with Goldberg defeating him in less than two minutes. Ziggler insulted Goldberg after the match and was beaten up even more.

They aren’t exactly friendly. Check out the near fight between Goldberg and Ziggler:

Opinion: There is a very strong chance that this was staged, as it seems rather convenient that this was filmed immediately with very little build up or after effects. Goldberg is someone who can be brought in every so often for an explosive win before going back into hibernation. That could go on for a very long time and Goldberg can play the role very effectively. This wasn’t much, but it will keep Goldberg’s name out there.

Do you think this is staged? When will Goldberg wrestle again? Let us know in the comments below.

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