That’s just awesome. Wrestling is on a special kind of platform that allows its stars to do some awesome things if they are given the chance. Some of the best things that they can do involve charity work, with John Cena and Hulk Hogan’s legacies being incredible in the field. WWE is not the only company to venture into charity work though and now AEW is having their chance.

Charity work is one of the more complicated decisions to make as there are so many worthy causes to pick from. With so many things choices available, you can only do so much and it might be hard to pick where you start. It helps when something points you in the right direction though and recently, AEW was given a great inspiration and went with it on a special video.

This is outstanding. Check out AEW’s awesome charity idea:

After this week’s Dynamite, AEW aired a Puppy Battle Royal special on their YouTube channel. The video featured seven dogs (three males and four females) being entered into a small ring for a pair of battle royals, with the last dog remaining winning. All seven dogs were from the same mother and are named after various AEW wrestlers. The dogs’ owner contacted AEW President Tony Khan and pitched the idea, which also included information about where to adopt pets and about controlling the pet population. Tony Schiavone provides commentary with a variety of jokes included.

Opinion: This was something that sounded pretty lame at first but wound up being one of the most entertaining I had seen in a long time. Schiavone was hysterical on commentary and made it feel like a good time all around. What matters most is helping out a worthy cause, which is always a nice thing to see. It helps to have some fun and it didn’t even last ten minutes so they didn’t overstay their welcome.

What is your favorite charity idea from wrestling? What is your favorite wrestling animal? Let us know in the comments below.

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